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Carmie's Dips + Mixes

Carmie's Dips + Mixes

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Manana Mexican- Our original and most popular dip mix, Manana Mexican is the most pleasing blend of chiles, cumin, and other spices.
Made in United States of America

JR's Ranch- Named after Carmie’s husband JR, this traditional combination of black pepper, garlic, and other spices keep ‘em coming back for more!
Made in United States of America

Baked Enchilada - This versatile dip can be served hot or cold, and tastes just like a cheese enchilada! Allergen: dairy.

BLT- Popular classic BLT combo packed full of bacon and tomatoes, prepared with sour cream and mayonnaise.

Fiesta Spinach - Tried and true combo of spinach, bell pepper, and other natural herbs and spices to be one of our most popular dip mixes.

Roasted Garlic - Very garlicky! Roasted garlic and onion make this a perfect combo for all of you garlic-lovers!

Peppercorn Parmesan - The richness of creamy Parmesan complement garlic and black peppercorns; great with pita chips! Allergen: dairy

Dilliest Dill - Creamy blend of dill, celery, and toasted onion. Great with seafood… It’s dill-icious!

Jalapeno Ranch - Your favorite ranch dip with spicy green chiles. Also great prepared as a salad dressing!

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