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Fusion Mineral Ultra Grip

Fusion Mineral Ultra Grip

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Apply a coat of Ultra Grip™ after you have lightly sanded and cleaned your surface. Be sure to remove any wax or pledge that may have been pre-existing as those coatings really like to repel anything applied.  Allow Ultra Grip™ to dry for 12 hours for best results on those super tricky surfaces, then continue with Fusion™ Mineral Paint. If you do not wish to wait the 12 hours, in most cases you will be fine painting just after a couple of hours, however, if your surface is exceptionally tricky and slick, when you add another coat of paint over top of the Ultra Grip™, you may re-active it as you have not allowed it enough time to cure.


You can apply Ultra Grip™ using a brush, a roller, an applicator pad, or a sponge. No matter what you apply with, be aware that Ultra Grip™ will hold texture and that texture can show through to the final layer of Fusion Mineral Paint. To avoid this, ensure you apply Ultra Grip™ in a very thin layer. The product is milky in the bottle, but should be clear when applied. 

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