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Gold Lion Peppermint Laundy Soap

Gold Lion Peppermint Laundy Soap

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•Laundry Soap•

Developed without synthetic ingredients, our soap is safe for all types of water including off-grid greywater systems and septic tanks. Ever wanted to wash your clothes against a rock in a mountain stream? The fish will thank you for using this. Since you wash you clothes in water, we didn’t think you needed to pay to transport a liquid–which dilutes the effectiveness of the soap ensuring you use more product to achieve the same great clean.

Ingredients: saponified Georgia-grown sunflower oil (helianthus annuus) and imported coconut oil (cocoes oleum), American sodium bicarbonate, American sodium tetraborate, American sodium percarbonate, American grown and distilled essential oil of peppermint (mentha piperita).



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